luxury bathroom at The Elizabeth Hotel
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Hotel Accessibility Features

Our goal is to meet the accessibility needs of guests traveling to and staying with us. The following outline is provided to inform about the accessibility features our hotel offers.

The Elizabeth Hotel takes pride in ensuring each and every guest has a truly remarkable and comfortable experience while staying at the hotel. Our goal to meet the accessibility needs of guests traveling to and staying at our hotel.


The Elizabeth Hotel offers well-appointed guest rooms and suites designed to meet your every need. Learn more about The Elizabeth Hotel's guest room accessibility features.

Hotel Areas Providing Accessibility 

The following areas throughout The Elizabeth Hotel provide accessibility access:

  • Public entrance
  • Hotel guest registration
  • Guest rooms
  • Hotel Restaurants
  • Meeting rooms
  • Outdoor terrace
  • Elevator available to access all ADA accessible guest rooms & meeting rooms

Additional Accessible Features

The Elizabeth Hotel strives to ensure each and every guest experience meets the needs and expectations associated with four star rated service. In addition to accessible access, The Elizabeth offers the following:

  • Closed caption televisions
  • Designated ground level self-parking
  • TTY for guest use
  • Public bathrooms with one larger stall equipped with grab bars for safety & support
  • Ramp access to the restaurant, terrace and entrance to parking garage
  • Automatic doors to enter or exit main building
  • Braille on meeting room signs

Website Accessibility

The Elizabeth Hotel a is committed to facilitating the accessibility and usability of its website,, for people with disabilities. Learn more about The Elizabeth Hotel's website accessibility