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Fort Collins Music and Culture

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Between big-name concerts at the Aggie Theatre, intimate evenings at the city's many bars, lounges and breweries, Fort Collins' rich arts scene will satisfy lovers of all genres, media and forms. Take your pick of venues or events, and find yourself in a city full of quintessential entertainment and enrichment. Top Fort Collins music venues include the Aggie Theatre, of course, but also popular standbys Avogadro’s Number and Hodi's Halfnote. The Downtown Artery, as its name implies, is home to a large confluence of the city's artists, with over 40 working out of a state of the art venue. Farther afield in Bellvue, the Mishawaka Amphitheatre offers an Essential Sounds rock series, featuring everything from metal, punk and psych, as well as regular movie nights. Avid theatergoers will find stagings of award-winning productions at the Midtown Arts Center, the top performing arts venue in Northern Colorado. The Armory, a striking venue with an intimate character, features a show format that pairs local Fort Collins artists with internationally-known ones, all for unforgettable evenings. 

Whatever your whims, there's something there to satisfy you in Fort Collins.